Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Nate right now.

Eight and a half months. He loves his sister, and starts smiling as soon as she comes in the room. If he sees her picture on the fridge or on the computer screen, he lets out this low happy chuckle. When Phil or I come near, he will hold up his little hands and open and close his fists really quickly as if to say "hurry, pick me up, quick". He is a monkey too. Today he had a toy in his hand while I was changing him. He was banging it on the wall so I took it and put it in the hand furthest away from the wall, but he just rolled over and continued banging while keeping one eye on me to see what I would do. He comes alive at 8:30pm - talks non-stop, bangs everything, laughs continually, makes funny noises with his mouth, rolls all over the place (no crawling yet), and watches for people to come close so he can laugh with them. He does this for about an hour before he starts to wind down for the night. He is the most contented little fella, and I hope he knows how much we all love him.

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