Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Today I would like you to meet some of my friends. I encounter them every day. They are the places I stop on the web each morning as I am feeding Nate his morning milk. (Take a look over there, to the right, under "favorite places". That's them, right there) I visit many more places, but these folks have persisted through many changes to my Google Reader.

I have no idea of the etiquette of including links on my little blog, but I hope someone (maybe a sister-in-law) will enlighten me if I have stepped over a boundary. 

Each of these people create things, or find things, or do things, or see things, that charm me. They inspire me, but also humble me as I madly dash around trying to pick up stuff I just picked up yesterday. I am not sure how these people do what they do, but I admire them. 

Take a look. Enjoy each of them. 


PS - Just heard about September Issue. Can't wait.

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